Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library is open. Lucy Hilton Maddox is offering public access to use its computers on an hourly basis. The Library is also open for books. The safety of customers and staff is our highest priority. As we increase access to the community, adjustments to library operations are necessary due to concerns for public health. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation. Please call 723-3079 or email lhmlib@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Patrons can request: books and we will schedule a pickup time; document or label print request; apply for a digital only library card from home by emailing lhmlib@gmail.com!

When entering the Library, we recommend that all patrons wear a mask.

If you do not have a library card, we can issue you a temporary digital card. To register for a card, go to gapines.org/eg/opac/register. On the Home Library section, scroll down to DeSoto Trail Regional Library and select the Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library. Fill out the rest of the boxes and click Submit Registration at the bottom of the page. Please include your email and phone number on the registration so that we can contact you with your library card number.

If you have a Pines library card and need a pin number, please drop us an email. For links to more resources, visit http://www.desototrail.org/ and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Library/Lucy-Hilton-Maddox-Memorial-Library-165224700206349/

Check our YouTube Channel for fun educational videos!